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CZAR 1999


The last Czar of the 20th century was still produced by the founder of Czar, José Duarte Garcia, in 1999 and will be the last Czar of that century to ever be commercialized.

The barrel where this wine aged was stored way by José Duarte Garcia, since the 1999 Czar was his favorite. Almost 1000 bottles were sold at the time, but this barrel was kept for the family, and after producing a bottle for each descendant the remaining 80 bottles will be available to our clients.

1999 was an exceptional year for Czar, this wine is considered semi-dry, with 48 grams of sugar per liter, with a total acidity of 9.29, a pH of 3.73, and a naturally acquired alcohol volume of 18%.

The Czar will come in a crystal bottle produced by the aclaimed Vista Alegre and engraved in 20.6-carat gold. All bottles will have the buyers' name engraved, making them unique to each one who gets them. 

Pre-order until the 31st of May 2024 to get the pre-order discount of 1000€ and your name engraved in gold.

Only 86 bottles will be sold of the Special Edition Czar 1999.

Fortunato Garcia Czar
Czar Vineyards
Czar Vinhas

Press and Reviews

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