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The Czar Vineyards are located in Criação Velha, Pico island, Portugal. In 2004 they were recognized as Unesco World Heritage Site, due to the extraordinary man-made landscape of the site, representing an outstanding example of the adaptation of farming practices to a remote and challenging environment.

Vines were, and continue to be, planted within the fissures of the solid lava rock, protected from the ocean and wind by an imposing pattern of orderly, long, linear walls forming an extensive network of enclosed stone-walled fields, or currais. The endemic, and almost forgotten, species of Verdelho, Arinto dos Açores, and Terrantez do Pico are the only grapes planted at our vineyards. 

Vindima Czar
Verdelho Czar
Czar Unesco
Harvest Czar
Czar vines
Vinhas Czar

We maintain sustainable and traditional farming practices, whose origins date back to the 15th century, keeping the heritage, history and integrity of our wine, intact.

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